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פרופ' נתן אביעזר

בנין 209, חדר 209
תחומי מחקר

    Theoretical studies of the transport properties of metals, alloys, thin wires and magnetic multilayers, including electron-electron interactions, phonon drag, electron-dislocation scattering and the giant magnetoresistance effect, interactions between Torah and science.


    86-200: Torah and Science


    Academic Honours (under former name: Nathan Wiser) Fellow of the American Physical Society 1984
    Research Professor of the Royal Society of London 1992

    Activities in the Area of Torah and Science
    • Author: In the Beginning: Biblical Creation and Science (nine languages)
    • Author: Bereshit Bara (Hebrew)
    • Author: Fossils and Faith: Understanding Torah and Science (three languages)
    • Lectures around the world on Torah and Science (including United States, England, Australia, South Africa, Canada, France, Brazil)
    • Organizes an annual conference on Torah and Science (over 250 participants)
    • Teaches a Bar-Ilan University course on Torah and Science (over 400 students)

    תאריך עדכון אחרון : 27/04/2022