A Message from the Department Chair 

דבר ראש המחלקה

Prof. Aviad Frydman

Since the dawn of history, man has been intrigued by the world around him and sought to understand it. Physics is the scientific branch devoted to the study of the fundamental laws of nature in observable systems. It enables a deep understanding of the principles and processes that the world revolves on.


Who are we? 

The Department of Physics at Bar Ilan was founded in 1955. Its faculty members include researchers in various fields of physics, including two Israel Prize laureates: Prof. Moshe Yamer (one of Albert Einstein's students), who won the Israel Prize for the History of Science in 1984, and Prof. Shlomo Havlin, who won the prize Israel in the field of physics and chemistry research in 2018. The department has over 30 faculty members and over 400 undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree students.



The department is home to well-known, leading researchers, young and old, whose work resides at the cutting edge of their fields — including solid state, astrophysics, optics, biophysics, and statistical physics. The department specializes in disciplines at the forefront of science, such as: nanotechnology, quantum optics, superconductivity, spintronics, biological systems, atomic physics, astrophysics, and molecular systems. Many members of the department are partners in the university's nanotechnology center and use its state-of-the-art equipment for a variety of nanophysics research.


Degree Programs in Physics 

The department offers undergraduate students a wide variety of tracks, as well as options to combine their physics studies with computer science, mathematics, life sciences, neuroscience, chemistry, and more. For graduate students, the department offers a nanotechnology track that gives students general training in leading subfields, including familiarization with advanced fabrication methods. This year, our department also opened a new program called "Quantum Computational Physics,” designed to open a window for students into a field at the forefront of contemporary technology.

The range of courses offered in all degrees is intended to equip students for an academic career, a career in the high-tech industry, or even both. Therefore, alongside advanced theoretical courses, we also offer courses to familiarize students with the most common tools in the field of high-tech research and development.

For graduate students in the thesis track who meet all the criteria, the department grants an exemption from tuition fees as well as an annual scholarship. 


The Department and Our Students 

The department takes pride in its warm attitude towards students - it advocates a sympathetic and supportive approach, and every student receives individualized attention. The department makes and will continue to make every effort to accommodate students, as long as it does not conflict with our constant pursuit of excellence in research and teaching.


You are invited to register today for undergraduate studies, or to join one of our leading research groups as a graduate student. If you too are intrigued and excited by the processes that our world revolves on, from the vastness of the universe to its tiniest building blocks, you belong with us in the physics department at Bar-Ilan University. 


Best of luck,

Prof. Aviad Frydman 

Chairman of the Department of Physics