Ph.D. Program

Study program for a third degree - 86601

Every Ph.D. student must take courses in physics amounting to 8 credit points during the four years of his/her studies for the degree. 2 credit points can be taken in other departments subject to the written recommendation of the supervisor and the approval of the head of the department.

Beyond these 8 credit points, any student can study additional courses in other departments at will, according to the supervisor's recommendation, without special permission and with no tuition charge.

There is no mandatory course for the third degree except for the colloquium course, which is not included in the 8 required credit points, but attendance is mandatory in all degree years.  

In addition to the colloquium, you must register for another seminar in the field of specialization.

Furthermore, PhD students must register for the course 86-999 "Dissertation" at each academic year.

English duties:

Students who have a master's degree exemption do not have a third-degree English requirement.
Students who have not studied at Bar Ilan for a master's degree can be examined in an internal test of the department,
those who do not pass the examination can be examined in a university exemption examination and if they do not pass it will have to take an English course.

Jewish Duties + General Courses:

Students who did not study a bachelor's + master's degree at Bar Ilan - need 4 hours of Judaism courses / foreign students - need 4 hours of general courses.
Students who studied one of the first or second degrees at Bar Ilan - should take 2 hours Judaism courses / foreign students 2 hours general courses.
Registration for Judaism, Rules or English courses is through the "Inbar" or the departments themselves and not through the Physics Secretariat.