About the Department

The Department of Physics deals with one of the most fascinating and challenging areas of science - the study of the universe, its properties and how its workings. The studying physics leads to an understanding of the laws of nature and provide tools that allow the student to integrate into the research and industry and development sectors, all at the highest level.


50 faculty members conduct leading research in the various fields of physics, such as: electrooptics, conductivity, solid state physics, biophysics, and more. These fields, which are at the forefront of science, are conducted in advanced laboratories in collaboration with leading research groups in Israel and the world.


Graduates successfully integrate into academia as researchers at universities and research institutes in Israel and around the world. They can also be found in key positions in research, development, and project management positions in a wide variety of industries, such as the microelectronics industry, advanced medical and biotechnology equipment companies, electro optics companies, military systems , aerospace and biomedical systems, and more.


356 students study in several undergraduate programs (B.Sc) and 173 students study for postgraduate courses towards Masters (M.Sc), PhD (Ph.D) and postdoctoral students. The amount of students given allows individual attention to every single student.