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Prof. Dennis Rapaport

building 209, room 103
תחומי מחקר

    Molecular dynamics simulation of complex fluids and hydrodynamic instabilities; computer modeling of supramolecular and surfactant self-assembly; simulation of granular flow phenomena and segregation; nanoscale dynamics; simulational studies in statistical and chemical physics, including phase transitions, magnetic systems, percolation and polymers; general simulation methodology; algorithm design for parallel and vector supercomputers and GPUs; interactive simulation involving animated computer graphics.

    קורות חיים
    • Ph.D. - University of London
    • B.Sc. & M.Sc. - University of Melbourne
    • Professor of Physics, Bar-Ilan University
    • Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Georgia
    • American Physical Society - Fellow

    Please see:

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    Textbook: The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation, 2nd edn  (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

    Exploratory computer graphics: here

    Last Updated Date : 11/09/2023