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Prof. Vivian (Haim) Halpern

building 202, room 310
    • Theory of relaxation processes in solids, and in particular of dielectric relaxation.

    • Theory of the glass transition and of the properties of supercooled liquids and glasses
    קורות חיים
    • Date of birth: 18th March 1939
    • B.A. Cambridge University 1960
    • Ph.D. Oxford University 1964
    • Research Fellow, Imperial College London, 1964-1966
    • Senior Lecturer Bar-Ilan University 1966-1974
    • Associate professor Bar-Ilan University 1974-1992 Professor Bar-Ilan University 1992 -
    • Secretary, Israel Physical Society, 1980-1982 Treasurer, Israel Physical Society, 1988-1991

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    • Development of theories for the observed dielectric relaxation behavior of disordered solids and of supercooled liquids
    • Calculations of the properties of glasses (excitation spectrum, boson peak, specific heat, thermal conductivity)
    • Development of a theory of the glass transition
    • Calculations of thermally stimulated currents for model systems.

    Last Updated Date : 09/05/2022