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We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Maayane Soumagnac to the senior staff of the Department of Physics

Dr. Soumagnac is a brilliant observational astrophysicist, researching a field called "transients," meaning transient events that occur during our lifetime, such as star explosions or interstellar mergers.

She holds a bachelor's and master's degree in physics from the École Normale Superior in France. She completed her doctorate in physics and astronomy at the University College of London under the supervision of Prof. Ofer Lahav.

In 2015, at the same time as immigrating to Israel, she began a postdoctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute under the supervision of Prof. Avishai Gal-Yam.

Since 2019, she has been a postdoctoral fellow at the National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, under the supervision of Prof. Nogent.

Dr. Soumagnac has so far published 44 articles and is considered a rising star in the sky of astrophysics.


Last Updated Date : 17/03/2021