Spectroscopic signatures of localization with interacting photons in superconducting qubits

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QUEST Center event
Dimitris Angelakis (Singapore)
03/06/2020 - 13:00 - 12:00
Zoom meeting room: 994 2307 7426

Mini-series of zoom lectures on

“Quantum simulations with superconducting qubits”

Quantum computers made of superconducting qubits offer a novel paradigm of driven many-body quantum systems. The key strength of this platform is the possibility to tune and measure each qubit individually. But they also have important limitations, such as their digital approach, associated with their future goal of solving complex quantum information algorithms. This series of talks will review some recent experiments aimed at using digital quantum computer to simulate interesting many-body effects.

Link to the recorded lecture: https://biu365-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/dallate_biu_ac_il/ESpX1…