Cooperation with the University of Granada, Spain

Today, Prof. Sergio Navas, vice president of research at the University of Granada, Spain, visited the Department of Physics of Bar-Ilan University.

The Department of Physics at University of Granada is one of the largest in Spain and has the largest number of international collaborations in all of Europe.
Prof. Navas is a particle physicist and is considered a world renowned expert with more than 100,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Prof. Navas visited the department in order to promote cooperation with the Department of Physics, and during his visit he reviewed research and studies at the University of Granada.
The deputy head of the Physics Department, Dr. Yossi Ben-Zion, presented Prof. Navas with the various fields of research in the Physics Department, the faculty and the curriculum, as well as the department's future programs, including the development of astrophysics, quantum technology and other programs.

Prof. Navas expressed his enthusiasm regarding the international programs of the Department of Physics, and in the near future the two departments will work on promoting a joint contract for exchange students.

Prof. Navas met with Prof. Asaf Peer, an astrophysicist in the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University. Prof. Peer reviewed the research in the field of astrophysics that is developing in the department.

Prof. Navas then met Prof. Eli Barkai and Dr. Ronny Bartsch. Prof. Barkai noted that our department is an international leader in a number of research fields, including the field of networking and single molecule spectroscopy.

Dr. Bartsch then reviewed the research being done in the field of networking and presented his study of brain activity during sleep as a function of temperature. Dr. Bartsch also noted how new discoveries about the relationship between body temperature and sleep activity can affect infant health and avoid crib death.

Prof. Navas then met international students in the department:
Mr. John Wallace from Ireland, a master's degree student of Prof. Asaf Peer, Mr. Mario Hidalgo-Soria, a doctorate students of Prof. Eli Barkai, Mr. Ruoyu Yin, a master's degree student of Prof. Eli Barkai, and Mr. Quancheng Liu, an undergraduate student who is doing research under the supervision of Prof. Eli Barkai.
The students talked about their experience at Bar-Ilan University, the fact that they enjoy the campus and especially enjoy the research.
The students came to Bar-Ilan thanks to the research and remain thanks to the warm attitude, the culture and the atmosphere that make it possible to advance in their research. 

Most of them indicated that they wish to stay for their next degrees at Bar-Ilan University.
Dr. Ben-Zion noted as a major achievement of the department that international students remain for advanced degrees.

At the end of the visit, it was decided that the two departments will continue to have direct communication in order to promote cooperation in the field of student mobility in both directions.

*In the photo: a meeting of the students with Prof. Navas.

The Department of Physics considers international promotion to be of particular importance, and we certainly look forward to the advancement of internationalism together with the University of Granada.

The visit was organized by Mr. Daniel Shoval of the International Office, and by doctoral student Orlando Marin from the research group of Prof. Eli Sloutskin of the Physics Department and the Nanotechnology Center.