Imaging with scattered light

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QUEST Center event
Ori Katz, Hebrew University
08/04/2019 - 10:30
Physics 301

Random scattering of light in complex samples such as biological tissue renders most objects opaque to optical imaging techniques, diffusing every focused beam into a complicated speckle pattern. However, although random, scattering is a deterministic process, and it can be undone and also exploited by controlling the incident optical wavefront, using computer controlled spatial light modulators (SLMs). These insights form the basis for the emerging field of optical wavefront-shaping [1]. Opening the path to new possibilities, such as imaging through visually opaque samples and around corners [2].

The major challenge in the field today is in determining the required wavefront correction without accessing the far side (target side) of the scattering sample.

I will present some of our recent efforts in addressing this challenge [3-8]. These include the use of optical nonlinearities [3], the photoacoustic effect [4-6], and acousto-optics [7] to focus and control light non-invasively inside scattering samples. I will also show how by exploiting inherent correlations of scattered light, it is possible to image through scattering layers and ‘around corners’ using nothing but a smartphone camera [8].

If time permits, I will present the use of these principles for endoscopic imaging through optical fibers [9-10].



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