Naturally occurring nanotechnology

Dr. Beena Kalisky's research group from Bar-Ilan University create Naturally occurring nanotechnology -  

One of the most interesting new findings of the last decade is the discovery of a 2 Dimensional Electron Gas (and therefore electric conductance) at the interface between two insulators (LAO and STO). The discovery immediately provoked a rush to find new physical phenomena and new advanced applications related to the combination of the STO and LAO properties with the 2D conductance. We investigate the influence of naturally occurring nanoscale structures in the STO on the electrons at the interface. These structures are called domain walls and we showed that they produce tunable electric fields that allow control over the interface properties. These domain walls can be moved around the interface and therefore, in the future we will be able to use them to create and control interfacial electronic and superconducting circuits. The biggest advantage of our research is the ability to use nanometric structures that are naturally occurring, i.e. nano devices without nano fabrication.

Nature Materials Article