Electron Interference, noise, and interactions in edge states in the quantum Hall effect.

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Itzhar Neder, Tel Aviv University
01/11/2012 - 13:30 - 12:00
Resnick (bldg. 209), seminar room 210

Recently there is a burst of interest in measurements of interference
patterns and noise of topologically-protected edges states in the quantum
Hall effect regime. One reason for this interest is the potential of these
experiments in demonstrating fractional and non-Abelian statistics between
particles, which may lead to a realization of quantum computation. Another
reason is that a new and diverse group of experiments revealed a non-trivial
influence of the coulomb interactions between electrons on the interference
patterns and on the noise, which we only now begin to understand.
In the talk I will give an overview of the various experiments done in this
research field and the connections between them, and I will outline the
theories which we developed in order to explain their results.