Dr. Amos Sharoni

Dr. Amos Sharoni



  • Spintronics (spin-electronics)

  • Metal insulator transition at the nano scale

  • Multiferroics



Amos Sharoni performed his undergraduate studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he graduated with excellence. He continued his graduate education in Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof. Millo, focusing on the local properties of high temperature superconductors. Using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy he resolved the effects of surface morphology and proximity on the anisotropic order parameter of the YBCO superconductor. He received the Wolf scholarship and Shimon Ofer Prize. In his post-doc, with Prof. Ivan K. Schuller in the University of California- San Diego, his research interests included: characterizing the metal insulator transition of vanadium oxide in nano-scale systems; Study of lateral spin-electronic devices; properties of superconductor vortex pinning in disordered nano-arrays; and chemi-resistive properties of organic semiconductors for sensor applications. Dr. Sharoni has recently joined The Bar Ilan University’s Physics Department and Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. His major interests are: 1) spin scattering and interactions in lateral ferromagnetic/non magnetic hybrid nano-structures; 2) nano-scale properties of multilayered transition metal oxides as memristive (memory-resistors) systems


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86-225: Advanced electronics


PhD, Master, and third year students are welcome to contact me regarding joining the group We are setting up a high end lab with advanced thin film deposition capabilities, and nano-scale measurements (AFM and transport) A number of very interesting subjects are available!!!