Prof. Aviad Frydman

Prof. Aviad Frydman


Experimental study of the electric properties of low dimensional and nano systems, focusing on superconducting and ferromagneting materials. The systems under study include ultrathin films, nanowires, quantum dots, tunnel junctions and nanoparticles. The various research projects deal with the effect of   geometry, size and disorder on the electric and magnetic properties of these systems.


  • Personal: Date of Birth: 09/02/64, Melbourne Australia
  • Arrived in Israel: 19/11/64
  • Married, 4 children.
  • Academic Background:
  • 1987-1990 B.Sc. (cum laude), Physics and Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • 1990-1992 M.Sc. (cum laude), Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Thesis: “The Influence of Film Thickness on the Electric Transport of Disordered Insulators”. Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Ovadyahu.
  • 1992-1996: Ph.D. (distinction), Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Thesis: Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in the Presence of Intermediate States. Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Ovadyahu.
  • Experience:
  • 1992-1996 Teaching assistant Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • 1996-1999 Post Doctoral Researcher University of California, San Diego
  • 1999- present Senior Lecturer Bar Ilan University
  • Academic Awards and Distinctions:
  • 1987 Dean’s undergraduate Scholarship
  • 1987-1990 “Amirim Program” for excellent students
  • 1991 Rector’s graduate scholarship
  • 1994 Excellence Prize in honor of Alza Wiener
  • 1995-1996 “Charles Clore” Research Scholarship
  • 1996 Hebrew University post-doctoral scholarship
  • 1997 “Max Shlimiak” scholarship.
  • 1999 “Pollak” fund scholarship
  • Invited Talks:
  • 1995: “Sub-Harmonic Gap Structure in SIS junctions”, The Israeli Physical Society Meeting, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
  • 1996: “Andreev Tunneling through Anderson Insulators”, 6th International Conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • 1997: “Conductance Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Granular Superconductors”, International Conference on Mesoscopic and Strongly Correlated Systems, Chernagolovka, Russia.
  • 1998 "Andreev Reflections in Disordered Media", American Physical Society meeting, Los Angeles.
  • 1999 “The proximity effect in granular ferromagnets”, 8th International conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Murcia, Spain.
  • 2000 “Excess conductance in normal metal-superconductor Interfaces”, 2nd International Conference on Mesoscopic and Strongly Correlated Systems, Chernagolovka, Russia.
  • “Excess Andreev conductivity through Anderson Insulators”, 2nd Israel-Japan conference, Tokyo, Japan.
  • ‏2001 “The superconductor Insulator transition in systems of ultrasmall grains”, Minerva conference, Dead Sea, Israel
  • 2002 “The superconductor Insulator transition in systems of ultrasmall grains”, Israel-India condensed matter meeting, Jerusalem.
  • Conference Organizer and chair:
  • ‏2001 9th International conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Shefayim, Israel.
  • Grants
  • 1999 “Nonostructure fabrication and characterization facility” (equipment grant) Israel Science Fund (ISF)
  • 2000 “Low dimensional magnetism” Binational Israel-USA Science Fund (BSF) “Lithography center for new immigrants”
  • Ministry of Science (MOS) ‏2001 “Helium liquefier” (equipment grant) Israel Science Fund (ISF)



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86-385: Laboratory in applied physics

86-386: Advanced laboratory in physics


  • Skills and Fields of Experience:
  • Thin film growth: Thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation UHV techniques and quench-condensation methods.
  • Advanced Lithography: Electron beam nano-lithography and Photo-lithography, ion milling, reactive ion milling, chemical etching and other processing techniques applicable to sub-micron electronics.
  • Microscopy: Scanning and transmission electron microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM).
  • Low Temperature: Cryogenic measurement techniques, low noise measurements, dc and ac (lock-in) techniques, high field magneto-transport measurements