Scientists create a nano-trampoline to probe quantum behavior

Prof Aviad Frydman's research group from Bar-Ilan University with colleagues at CNRS Grenoble, developed an experiment to detect quantum events in ultra-thin films.

This research enhances the understanding of basic phenomena that occur in nano-sized systems close to absolute zero temperature.

For the first time, scientists have measured quantum criticality by developing a thin membrane suspended in air by very narrow bridges,
thereby forming a "nano-trampoline". This enabled specific heat measurements of thin films through a quantum phase transition from a superconducting state to an electrically insulating state close to absolute zero temperature, and is expected to be a milestone in the understanding of physical processes that govern the behavior of ultrathin systems at ultralow temperatures.

Prof. Frydman will be presenting this research at a number of international conferences in the coming weeks. The research was supported by the Laboratoire d'Excellence LANEF in Grenoble (ANR-10-LABX-51-01) for Prof. Frydman.  

Nature Communications Article

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