Department Head's message

 The Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan has about 30 faculty, 200 undergraduate
majors, and 100 graduate students.  Our research spans diverse fields in the forefront of physics, from condensed matter, through nanophysics, optics, complex systems to biophysics. State of the art experimental and computational facilities coupled with leading theoretical expertise result in a stimulating research environment. In their research, our faculty collaborate closely with postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D., M.Sc., and undergraduate students. Our students are full partners in exciting projects on the cutting-edge of physics, resulting in advances reported in the leading international scientific journals.

The Department has innovative undergraduate programs such as the new Brain Science - Physics double major, joining our Computer Science - Physics, and Engineering - Physics double majors, as well as Biophysics and Extensive Physics majors and the combination of a Physics major with a Biology minor. Many of our students continue to graduate studies for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees at Bar-Ilan and at other institutions in Israel and around the globe.   Our graduates are employed throughout the booming Israeli high-tech sector form micro-electronics and electro-optics to medical imaging and defense contractors, and can be found as faculty members in Bar-Ilan and other universities in Israel and abroad.

Welcome to the Department of Physics website,

Michael Rosenbluh
Professor of Physics and Chair,
Department of Physics